Latest Projects

These are a few of my current projects

1. My oldest son are I are working on passing the Navy Seals fitness test.

My goal is to pass most of the events at the competitive level. Our website under development is
He is already there and swims the 500 yard swim as a warm-up, I’m working on it.

A free resource that gives video recipes for healthy foods.

3. The Business Anointing – A five-year plan that was finished in 2013 and culminated with The 24 Hour MBA.
Working now on getting those in business to study The 24 Hour MBA to take their life and business to a higher level.

4. – As an amateur (sort of semi-pro) photographer I take pictures during my travels. I want to make some of the best of them available as wall sized prints at my upcoming photo website:
The first poster, Order My Steps taken in Axum, Ethiopia now hangs in over 100 homes.

5. The relaunch of Miracle LotionĀ®. The Best Doggone Lotion You’ve Ever Used or Your Money Back PLUS $5. Read the FAQs of Miracle LotionĀ® at

7. Kids – Ongoing project

8. Me – Ongoing project

9. Books – Got at least one more to write.

10. COMING SOON The 100 books you should read to take your life to the next level.